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23 Sep 2021

.PT provides on SIGA

.PT has just made available a new functionality in SIGA, which allows the use of the platform, by those responsible for .pt domain names, directly in the reserved domain management area.

27 Jul 2021

Bulletin 03/2021 of Observatório de Cibersegurança

The 3rd edition of 2021 focuses on the theme “competencies”, reflecting on the motto of the C-DAYS 2021 conference, “naturalizing competences”, and on the current Portugal situation with regard to competences in cybersecurity.

01 Jul 2021

PTSOC News: .PT launches magazine dedicated to cybersecurity

Today, .PT launches the 1st edition of PTSOC News, a quarterly magazine dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity, which aims to inform and educate, through news, analysis, opinion articles, documents and relevant indicators.

20 May 2021

Published Risks & Conflicts Report 2021

The Risks & Conflicts Report 2021, from the Observatório de Cibersegurança of the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS), was recently published and results from a perspective look at the year 2020.

19 Apr 2021

CNCS presents new recommendation on parked domains

A parked domain is a domain that is not associated with sending e-mail, which, without proper security measures, can be used relatively easily to forge e-mail addresses (email spoofing) and in sending phishing messages.

19 Mar 2021

Bulletin 01/2021 of Observatório de Cibersegurança

The first 2021 bulletin from the Observatório de Cibersegurança is now available and is dedicated to the new European Union Strategy for Cybersecurity.