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01 Jul 2021

PTSOC News: .PT launches magazine dedicated to cybersecurity

Today, .PT launches the 1st edition of PTSOC News, a quarterly magazine dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity, which aims to inform and educate, through news, analysis, opinion articles, documents and relevant indicators.

20 May 2021

Published Risks & Conflicts Report 2021

The Risks & Conflicts Report 2021, from the Observatório de Cibersegurança of the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS), was recently published and results from a perspective look at the year 2020.

19 Apr 2021

CNCS presents new recommendation on parked domains

A parked domain is a domain that is not associated with sending e-mail, which, without proper security measures, can be used relatively easily to forge e-mail addresses (email spoofing) and in sending phishing messages.

19 Mar 2021

Bulletin 01/2021 of Observatório de Cibersegurança

The first 2021 bulletin from the Observatório de Cibersegurança is now available and is dedicated to the new European Union Strategy for Cybersecurity.

26 Jan 2021

.PT Security Operations Center (PTSOC) - Annual Report 2020

The first report of the PTSOC presents a brief summary of the main events and trends observed in 2020 in the fields of cyber security, providing greater knowledge to address the challenges ahead of 2021.

12 Nov 2020

C-Days 2020 takes place from 23 to 27 November

“Embrace the future” is the motto of the next C-DAYS 2020 conference, which will take place between 23 and 27 November.