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I understood


21 Mar 2022

New tests for security protocols has just introduced new checks to security protocols and features: DANE and Secure Renegotiation.

DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) is a protocol that adds an additional layer of protection to the website or email service, as it allows you to specify information in the DNS system about the certificate that should be used to access your website/email. This protocol requires the implementation of DNSSEC. On the other hand, Secure Renegotiation allows you to verify if the web or email servers support secure renegotiation of the connection moment with the TLS protocol. is an online platform, developed by .PT and the National Cybersecurity Center, which allows users to check, in real time, the level of compliance of an internet domain and an email with the latest standards for secure communication between systems such as HTTPS, DNSSEC or SPF.

Check if your domain complies with best practices, and contribute to a safer cyberspace!