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01 Jul 2021

PTSOC News: .PT launches magazine dedicated to cybersecurity

Today, .PT launches the 1st edition of PTSOC News, a quarterly magazine dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity, which aims to inform and educate, through news, analysis, opinion articles, documents and relevant indicators.

This first edition includes an evaluation of the ransomware industry and shows the purpose of the .PT Security Operations Center, PTSOC, and the platform, an initiative of .PT and the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center. 

"As the responsible entity for the management and operations of domain registration service at .pt, .PT is aware of the challenges in cyberspace, hence is making a significant investment in cybersecurity by partnering with competent entities at a national and international level and, above all, by improving and accelerating the responsiveness to security incidents through innovative solutions which allow a higher degree of resilience. By doing so, .PT keeps users’ trust and contributes to a safer and reliable use of the internet. The Centre of Security Operations (PTSOC) and the platform are two examples of structuring initiatives that concretise the strategy we set out in terms of security.", says Luisa Ribeiro Lopes, President of .PT, in the editorial.

The 1st edition of PTSOC News is available here.