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19 Mar 2020

Coronavirus - Stay cybersecure at home

Cybercrime knows no boundaries or follows codes of ethics. In the current context of the pandemic, there are numerous records of attacks and malicious activity associated with Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Impersonating official entities content, statistics, communications and/or prevention instructions are shared with the objetive to disseminate malware or obtain confidential information from people and companies, namely credit card and password data.

There are already known fraudulent campaigns and social engineering attacks carried out by email, on social networks and websites, such as the APP COVID-19 TRACKER that infects Android mobile devices and encrypts their content in exchange for a certain monetary amount, or false crowdsourcing initiatives to collect donations for the purchase of medical supplies or personal protection to support the fight against this virus.

It is worth remembering the importance of adopting cybersecurity behaviors, particularly at home, at a time when teleworking and recommendations to stay at home are necessary measures to contain the virus, ensure that you are safe and adopt the recommendations of EUROPOL available here.